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Malik Mos High’s enticing track ‘Crown’ has captivated the fans with melodic loops of hip hop


BC FREESTYLE(Official Music Video

“ He’s a breath of fresh air, A true lyricist spitting substance”-Born Famous

“His voice is pure and authentic. He has the focus, drive, and work ethic of a seasoned industry vet-Source Magazine

“He is a Hip Hop and R&B Tour De Force. He combines an immense amount of raw talent and amazing showmanship”- Hip Hop Weekly


Listen To Malik Mos High’s New Hit Single “CROWN”

Malik Mos High is an artist who is known for his thought-provoking work that listeners find to be very fullfilling. One of the most unique aspects of Malik’s music is his ability to tap into an oldschool vibe which often reminds listeners of the lyrically driven and artistically eclectic 90’s Hip-Hop and R&B era. His Socially driven content addressing issues like police brutality,poverty and education have earned Malik comparisons to some elite emcees like Nas,Tupac,Rakim,Notorious B.I.G and artist such as Tyrese,Music Soulchild,Bobby Brown for R&B to name a few. Malik’s debut single/ Music video for “Meditation” earned him a spotlight in Hip-Hops “The Source Magazine,Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine and Yo’Raps Magazine. With momentum built from consistency and determination 2021 is looking very promising for Malik,with his first release of the year “Crown” he wastes no time giving his listeners introspective passion driven lyrics and melodic vocals over some knockin 808 pounding production. Its what Malik does most naturally.

***Listen to Crown***


Meditation(Music Video)

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Get Crowned-We are Royalty

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